Get ready to open a Business Current Account

About This Guide

Opening a business current account is an important step for any business. To help you prepare, providers of UK business banking accounts have agreed a basic set of information that they will need from you. This guide brings you the essential details and documents you’ll need to open your account.

Get prepared in three simple steps

Choose the type of business you are.

Tick off the information you have ready.

The information you may still need to get will be displayed at the end of the checklist.


This guide is not part of the application process. It is a checklist to help you prepare to open a business current account.

While it contains the essential questions that all banks will most likely ask, your chosen bank may ask for more information, either for regulatory purposes or if you need other products and services (like overdrafts).

Who this guide is for

This guide will apply to new or existing businesses that:

have a turnover of less than £6.5 million;

have a straightforward and clearly defined ownership structure; and

are based and operate in the UK – including your business owners.

To help us tailor this guide to you, please answer these two questions.

Do you trade with customers or suppliers outside the UK?

This includes any dealings with e-traders (where you buy and sell online) that involve payment either into or out of the UK.